Exercise and healthy nutrition are two very important keys to living a Happy and Healthy life. Sharing this with my clients and watching them transform and go to places with their health and physique they never dreamed possible has made me a very wealthy man on the inside. Training daily transforms us physically, mentally and spiritually. It is a form of meditation in motion. The fact that someone respects, values and loves themselves enough to practice the discipline will tell you a lot about them as well as their attractiveness.

Here are some words from some of my clients:

Jamie really made the difference in my training, I had reached my limit by training on my own. Coached me on my nutrition and keeps changing the workouts. Danny H.

I have ad the privilege of working with Jamie.  As a trainer my self I love the opportunity to work with other trainers to really take me and my training to the next level.  He is professional and caring and has an ability to get every last repetition out of you.  He really takes beyond what you think you can do.  I will continue to train with Jamie and do not see a reason to ever stop. Tommy P.